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Digital Illusion Exhibition

The Digital Illusion Project:

Not just seeing, but also recognizing! - A new era has begun in the digital world.

Project duration: 01.09.2024 - 30.09.

Location: Vienna

Project Manager: Brand Art Studio

Main Sponsor: iteratec Supporting Foundation:

AI Platform:

Specialist Partner: Prompters Hungary Platform Provider:

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Goal of the Digital Illusion Project:

The two founders of Brand Art Studio, graphic and brand designer Ágnes Réczi and photographer and digital artist Norbert Bánhalmi, and The Grow With Lilly Events, are seeking partners for their social project starting in September.

As part of the Digital Illusion campaign, we want to raise awareness that the consequence of the rise of AI is that digital content must be handled much more carefully, consciously, and critically. Because everyone has access to AI image editing software, which can create realistic images or perfectly distort reality.

The Presentation of the Digital Illusion Project:

Digital Illusion - The False Faces of Reality is both a social engagement and a CSR campaign.

The idea arose from further reflections on our projects in 2021, where we brought together three global brands (Starbucks, Olympus Cameras, Samsung) within two different art projects.

"We often say, 'I'll believe it when I see it...' But what is happening right before our eyes? With AI imaging tools, anyone today, even with minimal knowledge, can create any images and videos that look deceptively real. These creations of artificial intelligence are often perfectly suited to deceive and influence viewers.

The goal of the Digital Illusion campaign is to initiate a social debate about this phenomenon. Our society should be made aware that the world as we knew it has definitively disappeared.

Digital Illusion X CEU Vienna

We want to make this societal issue accessible to as many young people as possible, as the future generation is particularly heavily involved in the consumption of digital content. To raise awareness, we also want to produce a short film on this topic.

In collaboration with the students of the CEU Visual Studies Platform, such a thematic short film could be created, which influences viewers and encourages them to think about responsible content consumption.


Digital Illusion will have a website that is also accessible via a QR code. Interested parties scan a QR code to access the site, where the logos of the participating partners are displayed alongside the project description.

These QR codes will be placed on a standing banner or a glass sticker, preferably at the entrance of the supporting companies' buildings, between September 1 and October 1, 2024. Hundreds of photographers and AI graphic artists will receive the link to their personal subpage one week after the campaign starts.

When they share this with their followers, the project will achieve enormous reach. In parallel, we will start a social debate as part of a PR campaign from August onwards. Each partner is primarily involved in the PR campaign in their own field, but over time we will be able to convince larger platforms to dare to talk about the topic and interview our partners.

Back to the subpages: You can view them in a demo version by clicking on the "How it works?" button on the website.

After clicking the "How it works?" button, the system randomly loads one of several hundred pages, each showing a work by an artist. In the current demo version, the system automatically selects from three pages. Each work thus has its own page, where visitors can also vote on the "authenticity" of the work (real photo, retouched photo, or AI artwork).

These subpages will be similarly structured, with the CEU video placed at the top, with a note that it was created by the students of the CEU Visual Studies Platform. Below the video, the respective photo or AI artwork will be placed. Underneath, you will see the artist's introduction and the name of their Instagram account, to provide support to these many artists in this way as well.

Since the campaign also functions as a huge societal knowledge survey, we present visitors with a challenge: Below the respective image, there is an option to vote whether the seen image is REAL / RETOUCHED / AI CREATION. The subpage will also request the email address and a "VOTE" button.

After voting, the participant receives the result by email. At the end of the campaign, we will thus receive a truly exciting snapshot and statistic on how conscious society is and how well it can distinguish between real and artificial creations. This will give the communication a new boost from a PR perspective at the end of the campaign when all the images are available online.

Charity Event and Gala Evening at the End of November

By clicking on the images presented on the website, you enter the NFT gallery, where the respective work can also be purchased as an NFT. This supports the artist and a foundation that we select together with the supporters.

At the end of the campaign, all partners will be invited to a gala where the best 40 images will also be exhibited in printed form. These works will be auctioned at the end of the campaign, with the proceeds also going to the selected foundation.

Results Announcement at the End of December

The complete statistical results will be published at the end of December. Then all works will be made available online. Since the first three months of the year are usually media-quiet, the statistical result will trigger a new societal debate. The existing PR network will be activated a second time because it is mentioned in every first campaign that the goal is to raise society's awareness and assess its level of knowledge. We can use the existing email database monthly to inform society and start the possibility of registration and our podcast channel from January.

Participants of the Digital Illusion Project:

The Main Sponsor, as an expert in the use and regulation of AI creations, has the opportunity to introduce themselves to a broad audience. Their names and activities will be made known to every resident and traveler in Vienna who directly or indirectly comes into contact with the stickers. They can also introduce themselves to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as representatives of large brands involved in designing the exhibition venues. And last but not least, the sponsor's visibility will reach numerous professional stages and national and international platforms through press and PR campaigns.

The Partners can become supporters of the Digital Illusion exhibition by displaying promotional material with the QR code. By placing the QR code, they not only serve as "places of AI attraction" but also contribute to supporting the project's social responsibility by presenting the possibilities and dangers of AI image generation. They become active supporters of presenting the AI artists and photographers. Additionally, they will participate in a charity auction where the artworks will be auctioned off at the end of the project to support a good cause or organization with the proceeds.

Charity, because a project becomes socially relevant and unanimously supported when it can advocate for a good cause. Following the attention to the social issue, the most viewed or popular artworks will be printed and also auctioned in digital form (NFT). The proceeds will be used to support a noble cause or organization. All partners are invited to this elegant event.

The Timeline of the Digital Illusion Project:

September, the back-to-school season, is ideal for drawing and gaining the attention of every generation to such important topics.

The campaign spans 3 months, which corresponds to the duration of a temporary exhibition. By involving additional partners, the PR campaign can gain new momentum.

The campaign will conclude on December 6th with a gala dinner.


At this event, the 40 best artworks of the campaign, selected by the partners (printed and as Figital), will be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting a charitable or socially engaged organization.


The Digital Illusion Website:

The most important communication platform is, where all artists, partners, and the main sponsor are introduced. The platform provider,, ensures the presentation of the AI artworks. Every placed sticker will refer to this site, and after scanning the QR code, the subpage of the related AI artwork will be displayed, including the following information:

  • The logo of the main sponsor with a link

  • The artwork in a 1:1 ratio

  • The name of the artist and a direct link to the artist's profile on the Prompters Gallery website

  • The title of the artwork and the theme for which it was generated

  • The app used to generate the artwork (

  • The prompts to which the artwork responded

  • The name of the company supporting the artwork, as well as a link to the exact location


On the project's homepage, the following information will be available:

  • The goal of the project

  • A brief introduction of the main sponsor

  • A map marking every location where a QR code can be found

  • The logos of all supporting companies with direct links

  • The logo of the main sponsor with a direct link

  • Links to press articles

  • An online counter displaying the number of times the project has been viewed in real-time

The Social Communication of the Project:

In addition to the PR campaign, our other important communication channels will be social media. These pages and their content will be created and managed by the team at Brand Art Studio to keep the campaign fresh with new content, information, and introductions of the partners daily.

Planned Channels:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

What Digital Illusion Offers the Main Sponsor:

  • Increase in Brand Awareness and Penetration

  • Ongoing Communication Opportunities in the AI Field

  • Become an AI Ambassador in Society and the Professional Community

  • Strengthening the Company’s Social Responsibility

  • Employer Branding Communication

  • Opportunity to Reach Media Platforms Where There Are Normally Few Chances Through Articles and Interviews

  • After the Success of the Project in 2025, the Project Can Be Implemented in Every European Capital Where Vienna Has an Office (e.g., Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia, Zagreb)

What We Request in Return:

  • PR communication of the event

  • Organization of the closing event


Our Partners

Professional AI Support: iteratec

iteratec is the partner for those who want to be among the winners of digital transformation. With individual, superior solutions, we open up technological and entrepreneurial potential for our clients. Because when failure is not an option, we are the partner who makes the difference. Over the past 25 years, we have successfully completed more than 1,000 projects and achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 97%.

Our Partners

Platform Provider: is a WEB3 technology provider that has been active since 2021 and has already collaborated with celebrities such as Steve Aoki, LaMelo Ball, and Mike Tyson. Their specialized solutions for digital collectibles have served numerous museums, events, and artists. They are pioneers in utility-type NFT technology and have been offering specialized digital collectibles and artworks as well as innovative loyalty and discount solutions for years. They are currently launching a new platform for WEB3 communities, which is excellently suited for the operation of our project.
Promters Gallery

Our Partners

Professional Partner: Prompters Hungary

The Prompter Group is a Hungarian artist community focused on artificial imaging, founded a year ago. It can already boast over 4000+ members. We possess extensive expertise in the field of artificial imaging and film production. Our group is practically capable of handling any task related to artificial imaging, from AI-based films to commercials, creating visual storyboards, and special illustrations.


Members of our community actively participate in exhibitions and conferences, where they share their knowledge and acquire new insights. Our internal competitions present exciting challenges to our members and encourage continuous learning and creative expression.


With the help of our community, several AI art competitions and tenders were conducted last year. We regularly receive requests for special tasks, give lectures, and participate in educational programs aimed at promoting artificial imaging and supporting the professional development of participants. We are currently working on launching our first Digital Gallery.

Our Partners

AI Platform Partner: is a novel AI image generation startup with nearly one hundred thousand international users. The image generation program available on the website makes the advanced capabilities of generative artificial intelligence understandable and accessible to everyone. It offers a versatile, user-friendly platform for professional and hobby users to implement their visual ideas.

The program supports, among other things, language-independent intelligent scaling—in print quality, censorship-free options, and numerous artistic styles for the image creation experience. Behind the millions of prompt images generated so far, several engines are at work, enabling efficient and continuous development for both the program and its users.

Hobby users can continuously improve their skills, while professional users can maximize the image generation possibilities offered by AI with integrated editing options. The ownership rights of the images uniquely transfer 100% to the creator of the image. users can create with full freedom, technically and without censorship.

Our Partners

Photo Artists: WKO & Vienna Photographers

The Austrian Economic Chamber, Federal Guild of Professional Photographers (WKO Professional Photography Vienna), is a strong partner of the Digital Illusion campaign. As a representative of the commercial photographers in Vienna, WKO Professional Photography advocates for high quality standards and fair conditions in the industry.

WKO Professional Photography Vienna actively supports the campaign by informing its members about it. This helps to spread the important message of the campaign among Vienna's photographers and to raise awareness about the growing importance of critically engaging with digital content.

WKO Professional Photography Vienna has extensive expertise and a strong network within the industry. Therefore, it is a valuable partner for the campaign and can support the implementation of various activities.

Both the Digital Illusion campaign and WKO Professional Photography Vienna pursue the common goal of strengthening the significance of image creation in society and raising public awareness about the challenges of the digital world.

The collaboration between the Digital Illusion campaign and WKO Professional Photography Vienna is an example of successful cooperation between different industry stakeholders.

With WKO Professional Photography Vienna, Digital Illusion has a strong partner by its side that actively supports the campaign and ensures its dissemination. The combined expertise and network of both organizations contribute to the successful implementation of the campaign's goals.

The Founders of Brand Art Studio

Ágnes Réczi: Graphic and Brand Designer

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Agnes Réczi

The Founders of Brand Art Studio

Norbert Bánhalmi: Photographer & Digital Artist

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Norbert Bánhalmi

Organizer of the charity gala

Grow with Lilly Events was established in 2023 by a passionate hotelier and mom, who wanted to give back something to the community and started an organization which organizes gala events, such as charity auction events. 


The first event was dedicated to the Szent Istvan Hospital in Budapest where photography of women was set on auction and gathered over 10.000 Euros donations. 


The company has annual Grow with Lilly charity events which raises money for hospitals or research centers. While over the year focuses on auctions, gala, elegant company events and organization during events. 

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  • Web
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